Friday, July 30, 2010

Appellate Division holds that failure of insured to submit PIP package does not void PIP coverage due to noncooperation

In Advanced Spine Centers, Inc. v. Pilgrim Ins. Co., 2010 WL 2225530 (Mass. App. Div.), the PIP insurer mailed to the insured a PIP package following her injury in an automobile accident. The packet had been created by the insurer and included a PIP application form, an authorization to obtain medical and wage information, and a health insurance affidavit form.

The insured never filled out and returned the paperwork. The insured's attorney sent the insurer a copy of the operator's report for the accident, and a notice of her PIP claim. Her chiropractor submitted treatment notes and reports, an affidavit of no health insurance, and an authorization signed by the insured permitting the chiropractor to release the medical information necessary to process her PIP claim.

The court held that the insurer was required to pay the PIP benefits despite the failure of the insured to fill out and return the forms provided by the insurer, because the insurer had received all the material information it sought. It had therefore not been prejudiced.

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