Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Introducing my assistant, Nikki Payne

Nikki Payne

If you’ve worked with me over the past year then you’ve likely had an opportunity to meet my assistant, Nikki Payne.  Nikki is the first point of contact a new client has with my office.  She walks you through my process, helps you with paperwork, and answers your initial questions.  As the case progresses she helps keep the case on track by gathering and often conducting the first review of documents, coordinating schedules, and tracking down recalcitrant opposing attorneys for dates and discovery.   

Nikki is a former licensed property/casualty insurance agent. She is also a certified Washington State Legal Secretary.  She worked as the assistant to the general counsel and his staff at a nuclear power plant in Washington State, and has extensive conference management work both locally and internationally.  And for a while she essentially ran the small town of Tensed (pronounced Ten-sed), Idaho.

Nikki with her milk cow Roxie and the herd of goats
Why Tensed?  Did I mention Nikki is my virtual assistant?  In a miracle of modern technology, Nikki works for me here in Massachusetts while residing in Idaho

Other than making sure that my clients get the best representation they can possibly have, Nikki’s passion is animal rescue.  She and her husband own and operate a ranch, TN Funny Farm, on what she tells me is 217 acres of pure bliss.  They currently raise low-line Angus cattle, Nigerian dwarf goats, and Rambouillet sheep.  They have two Jersey cows, Lailani and Roxie, who they milk-share with their calves and make butter, cheese and ice cream. Their large flock of feathered fowl includes a variety of laying hens, Malaysian Serama chickens, Muscovy ducks, Bourbon red turkeys, and Guinee fowl.  They also raise crops in their garden, and in the summer you can find them at farmers markets.  

Nikki loves to hike and forage for mushrooms, medicinal plants, herbs, fruits and berries.  She makes  tinctures and herbal remedies and salves. When there is an opportunity to take a little R&R she enjoys reading a good mystery or romance novel. 

If you are ever in Northern Idaho and crave fresh eggs or want to hug a cow or cuddle a chicken, Nikki can help you out.

Nikki with her Serama Mr. Coolio