Friday, February 11, 2022

Seeking current or recent associates of color at insurance defense firms to speak at a Boston Bar Association panel on diversity


I am working with attorney Garrett Lee to put together a panel on diversity at insurance defense firms for the Boston Bar Association.  We have partners with hiring responsibility from three major insurance defense firms who will be speaking about what they look for when hiring young associates, and what they look for in retaining and promoting such associates.  How can young attorneys and law students who do not currently have any connections at a firm get their foot in the door?  

We would like to round out the panel with current or recent associates of color who will speak about their experience through the hiring process and working at insurance defense firms.  

Garrett is currently a council member (sort of like the board of directors) of the Boston Bar Association.  Previously he was co-chair of the BBA's insurance and tort litigation section, where I continue to serve as co-chair of the insurance subcommittee. 

The impetus for this program is Garrett’s and my belief that insurance defense work is the best way to learn civil litigation – and our frustration, as we have put together various panels for the BBA in the past few years (such as my upcoming panel on Condominium Insurance Law), on the difficulties in finding speakers of color for such panels.  We hope this program will bring awareness to law students and new attorneys of color who might not otherwise apply to these firms, and also create connections for such candidates interested in working at them.  

If you are a current or recent associate of color at an insurance defense firm and have a potential interest in speaking on the panel about your experiences, please reach out to me at  Or, if you know someone who might be interested, please consider sending them my way. 

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Invitation to Boston Bar Association webinar I am moderating on Issues in Condominium Insurance Law

The webinar will be on Thursday, February 17, 2022 at 2 PM.  You can sign up to attend here

And here's the description:

Who hasn’t heard horror stories about condominium unit owners battling each other over tricycles left in common spaces or snap pea plants the guy in 3C had the nerve to plant in a flower garden?  In a condominium property damage case every personality clash can be magnified exponentially as all sides fight over insurance proceeds, who gets them and from where, and who just doesn’t care.  The unit owner may have to deal with their own unit owner’s (or HO-6) policy as well as the master policy.  But the master policy insurer can refuse to deal directly with the unit owner; the condominium trustees may refuse to get involved; and the management company may put up roadblocks.  Property damage in common spaces brings up a whole different set of insurance issues.

This webinar will address the what the HO6 policy and the master policy generally should cover, what roles the unit owner, the condominium trustees, and the management company play in resolving a property damage claim, what recourse they each have and do not have against each other and the insurers, and traps for the unwary.

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