Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Another rant about why you should have liability insurance

A few months ago I posted about my irritation with the decision of my mechanic to not purchase liability insurance. Same issue with my eight-year old daughter's day camp, only this time it's more like fury.

I learned that the camp does not have insurance months after I signed her up (and, as any of you who are parents will know, long after the time to make decent alternate plans had passed), as I was filling out additional paperwork. Among that paperwork was a release requiring me to forgo any claims my daughter might have if she is injured at the camp, and to acknowledge that the camp does not have insurance.

So, let me get this right: I am paying (a lot) for you to have my daughter in your care for eight hours a day. If you make a mistake that results in my daughter getting hurt--and because I'm superstitious I'm not going to list all the possible mistakes that you could make in the course of taking care of fifty elementary-school aged kids, or all the possible injuries I can imagine--you are going to say, "Oops, so sorry," and walk away.

Let me say this again: Liability insurance is a cost of doing business. No one enjoys paying it. Everyone who has a business in which there is a decent likelihood that someone could be injured as a result of a mistake the business makes needs to have it.

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