Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Massachusetts enacts hands-free driving bill

Agency Checklists has a good summary of the bill, here.  One thing the article notes that I have not seen in more general news reports is that a third offense will result in an insurance surcharge.

OK Boomer confessions:  Until recently I had been using a Garmin GPS that sat nicely on my dashboard, except when it slid off into my lap.  When it died I switched to the GPS on my phone, which I put in my cup holder.  I believe that technically that will remain legal, but the passage of the bill has encouraged me to order one of those devises that will allow me to mount my phone in my vent so I'm not looking way down to see how far away my next turn is.

I love using the phone navigation system.  I am one of those people who rants about how terrible it is that our kids don't know how to read maps.  I still print out a map from Mapquest before I go anywhere, just in case.  (Yes, Mapquest.  Yes, I still use Hotmail for my main personal email account.)  

But my phone has taken me through neighborhoods within two miles of my house that I have never seen before.  Sorry to all the people who don't want riffraff like me driving down their leafy streets (especially while I'm looking down in the direction of my cup holder), but in addition to avoiding  traffic -- I love those new streets.  An entire world has been opened up to me. 

According to the new law we're not supposed to touch our phones.  But what about every time the screen gets covered with a question about whose WiFi you want to connect to, which happens approximately every minute in city driving?  

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