Tuesday, October 13, 2015

At least Jezebel commenters understand insurance

Jezebel, like several other online magazines and newspapers, is running an article today shaming a woman for suing her young nephew who accidently broke her wrist by hugging her too hard.

I was pleased to see that many commenters chimed in to point out that, contrary to the article's assertion, this does not appear to be a situation where a crazy, hateful, greedy aunt is suing a kid and breaking a family apart; it is more likely a case of someone trying to achieve a fair settlement with a homeowner's insurer where she was injured due to the negligence of an insured under the policy.  Negligence does not mean bad intentions, and a broken wrist is not less injurious because it was caused by a hug. 

Or, who knows?  Maybe she is a crazy, hateful, greedy aunt who is breaking a family apart -- that's why we have jury trials. 

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