Thursday, August 19, 2010

Just for fun, mostly

This comes via Linda Weaver's Armadillo Club newsletter. She attributes it to Mike Halverson of Halverson Consulting in Maryland. As Linda wrote, "since there aren't many coverage jokes floating around . . . "

Two coverage attorneys are hanging out in a bar. One gets a call from his wife and starts talking to her, but his phone goes dead. The other says, "Hey, I learned a trick for this. The wire that connects the battery to the circuitry gets corroded, see? But you rub a little salt where the wire is, and it neutralizes the corrosion and the phone starts working again. Seriously, try it." So he opens up the compartment, grabs the salt shaker off the table and starts doing it. A bouncer sees this from across the room and runs over in a fury and says: "Get the h___ out of here! Now!" And the lawyer's like: "What for? What did I do?" And the bouncer says: "Bar rules. We got a salt-in-battery exclusion!"

If you're a coverage attorney and you don't know about the Armadillo Club, I recommend that you check it out here. Based in Chicago, it has a growing membership nationally. One of the requirements for membership is that "you have to be fun, not worry about things that don't matter and not take yourself too seriously (or at least be working toward those goals)."

I belong to a lot of liability insurance groups through LinkedIn, but unless I'm having a really slow work day I generally delete all the emails without looking at them. I always open my Armadillo Club emails, though. In addition to being fun, they have good job leads and genuinely useful information.

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