Friday, May 29, 2009

Credit card insurance coverage for rental cars

As usual, last time I rented a car, in Michigan, the rental car agent explained that I should purchase the exorbitantly priced property damage insurance because 1) Michigan is a fully no-fault state and 2) liability for damage to the car would include rental costs while the car was being repaired. Despite having posted on this very topic, I had no idea whether I would be fully covered by my insurance for property damage if I was in a collision.

Shortly after that I received a benefits guide from one of my credit cards and I took a close look at its rental insurance coverage. It covers vehicles rented for 31 days or less with a value of $50,000 or less. There is no coverage unless you decline the Collision/Damage waiver offered.

And, yes, it covers "reasonable loss-of-use charges imposed by the vehicle rental company for the period of time that the rental vehicle is out of service."

So next time I rent a car I'll refuse the property damage insurance with confidence--that is, if I can remember which credit card I should be using.

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Shanna said...

Hi Nina,

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